Lamp waterproof detector - lamp IP66, IP67 waterproof detection process

Nowadays, the quality inspection requirements of LED lighting products have been continuously improved, and have risen to the IP66 waterproof level or a higher level of waterproof inspection level. Therefore, many manufacturers are troubled by waterproof testing, and many uncontrollable factors hinder the waterproof testing of lamps. effectiveness. The waterproof ability of the luminaire is usually expressed by IP waterproof rating, which means as follows

IP XX is a waterproof detection level representation method consisting of two feature codes. The first character code indicates the degree of protection against solid foreign matter entering. The second character code indicates that the protection level IP 65 to prevent water from entering is dust-tight (no dust). Ingress and water-proof (no harmful effects of water spray in all directions), and can completely prevent dust from entering. When subjected to strong wave impact or strong water spray, the water intake of the appliance should not reach harmful effects. The IP67 waterproof test is: when the short-time water-immersed cabinet is immersed in water under standard pressure for a short time, there should be no immersion of water that can cause damage. A detailed description is given in GB 4208. This level is a relatively high level of waterproofing. Usually placed in a water depth of 1 m, tested for half an hour. The IP68 waterproof test is: ensure that the water depth is 10 meters, work for 2 weeks, without water; put 100 meters water depth, damage test for 12 hours, still can maintain the good performance of the product.

The current popular waterproof test of lamps is to use the detection of Xili Waterproofing Equipment.

Xili waterproof testing equipment, the detection principle is to make a relatively sealed tooling, and then put the lamp into the tooling, and then through the waterproof detector to pump or pump air. Then test the pressure change in the tooling to get the IP waterproof rating based on the air pressure difference. If there is a ventilator, you can use the quick connector to inflate the luminaire.


1. Make a sealed tooling according to the shape of the luminaire

2. Connect the test interface of the waterproof test equipment to the tool.

3. Set the corresponding parameters, such as inflation pressure, inflation time, test pressure, voltage regulation time, test time, exhaust time and other necessary parameters.

4. Put the lamp in the closed tool, start the waterproof tester for testing, and record the leak value. Need to test multiple phone cases.

5. Determine the waterproof rating of the luminaire (such as IP66 waterproof test level), put the tested luminaire into the IP66 waterproof grade waterproof test environment and test to find the maximum allowable leakage value of the luminaire, which is the critical point.

6. Enter the leak value into the position of the maximum allowable leakage value of the Hitachi Waterproof Tester.

7. Then you can carry out batch waterproof test of the lamp. If you need to carry out waterproof detection of multiple lamps at the same time, you can use multi-channel waterproof testing equipment.