Children's watch bracelet waterproof test, ip67 waterproof test program

Nowadays, smart bracelets and watches are more and more popular among people. Very children have already worn smart bracelets, and because of the uncertainty of children's movements, there is always the possibility of water entering the bracelet. According to the survey, a large number of bracelets are damaged every day due to water ingress. Therefore, many bracelet manufacturers have made an important control point of waterproof quality!

Then how to do a good waterproofing of the bracelet, to prevent damage caused by the bracelet is not waterproof.

First, it needs to be prevented from the structure. At present, there are two main methods used: one, adding a sealing ring for waterproofing, and second, performing ultrasonic welding as a whole.

Second, use the airtightness testing equipment to perform waterproof testing on the opponent's ring to prevent the defective products from entering the market.

The airtightness detecting device is a gas-tight waterproof testing device using compressed air as a detecting medium, and has the characteristics of non-destructive, high-efficiency, fast, and the like, and the waterproof test method of the technology. Alias waterproof tester, air tightness tester.

The airtightness testing device is used for the wristband waterproof test, and the waterproof test method is as follows

First of all: make a sealed mold according to the shape of the wrist watch, as shown below

Second: Mount the mold on a fixture as shown below


Again: confirm the IP waterproof rating of the bracelet to perform some necessary parameter settings for the airtightness testing equipment, such as IP67 waterproof rating. The waterproof test parameters are generally as follows: Detection pressure 50KPA, inflation time 3S, holding time 2S, test Time 3S, exhaust time 3S, leakage value not exceeding 80PA is qualified.

The airtightness tester is also applicable to other waterproof level tests. It is only necessary to change one test parameter to perform the waterproof test.