Smart bracelet waterproof detector application case IP67 waterproof test 50 m bracelet waterproof detector site

In daily life, the smart bracelet is constantly saturated with water, so the waterproof performance of the smart bracelet is concerned by the customers. At present, the IP67 waterproof test level or the 50-meter waterproof standard adopted by most manufacturers. The airtightness test is used for the smart bracelet waterproof test.


The waterproof detector is a hermetic waterproof testing device (direct pressure airtightness tester) that uses compressed air as the detection medium and pressure drop as the principle. It can be used for waterproof test of hand ring, waterproof test of mobile phone and waterproof test of camera. And other fields.

The waterproof tester is divided into a single-pass waterproof tester according to the test channel. The single-pass waterproof tester can only be used for one hand ring waterproof test, multi-channel waterproof tester, and can simultaneously test four bracelets for waterproofing.

IPx6 dustproof test, 5S inflation time, 3S pressure retention, 3S test time, 12 to 15KPA, 500KPA for 50 meters, and 100% leakage value

Put the smart bracelet in the waterproof test tool, then set the test parameters of the IP waterproof tester, you can start the tester for testing, and then judge the IPx6 waterproof level according to the air leak.

For smart bracelet waterproof detection: it can be analyzed from its structure, generally assembled from the back cover and the front case. Then the opponent ring waterproof detection can be divided into three parts for testing, respectively, smart bracelet back cover waterproof detection, smart bracelet front shell waterproof test, the entire smart bracelet waterproof detection, using positive pressure for waterproof detection.

The smart bracelet with ip67 waterproof detection standard has the parameters of the waterproof tester: test pressure 15kpa, inflation time 3s, dwell time 3s, test time 4s, leakage value not exceeding 100pa.

The intelligent bracelet with 50 meters waterproof test standard has the parameters of test pressure 500kpa, inflation time 5s, dwell time 3s, test time 5s, leakage value not exceeding 100pa.

The following picture of the back cover waterproof detector


The following picture is the bracelet waterproof tester