Electric toothbrush waterproof tester ip66 waterproof test process Xi Li waterproof tester application case

The electric toothbrush also needs to be tested for waterproofing. The instrument used is a gas tightness tester (alias waterproof tester). It is popular in the market for the waterproof test of Xili. It can be used for IP66 waterproof test of electric toothbrush, IP67 waterproof tester.

The popularity of electric toothbrushes has emerged a variety of problems, and many of the problems are caused by the electric toothbrush not being waterproof, or the ipx waterproof level is not up to date, so it is necessary to test the electric toothbrush waterproof. Many companies choose Xi Li waterproof testing equipment to test the electric toothbrush ipx6 waterproof test, ipx7 waterproof grade. This waterproof detection device is an alias airtightness tester.

Compared with other products, the electric toothbrush has a much higher probability of contact with water, which makes the electric toothbrush waterproofing an important quality control point, because once the water enters, the inner circuit board may be directly short-circuited, which is for the battery inside. Fatal, directly affects the quality of the product and the safety of the user, so the electric toothbrush is very strict with the waterproof requirements, and a waterproof and quality detector with good quality and efficiency is quite similar.

Nowadays, the market adopts the Xili waterproof test equipment to test and identify the IPx6, IPX7 and ipx8 waterproof grades of electric toothbrushes. This is a hermetic waterproof testing device that uses compressed air and pressure drop (direct pressure) as the detection principle. And it is suitable for waterproof test of toothbrush, waterproof test of charging gun, waterproof test of charging pile, electronic product, bracelet, watch and other airtight waterproof level test.

The traditional electric toothbrush waterproof detection method is very scientific. At present, the electric toothbrush in the market is basically sealed, so the waterproof performance will be good overall, but it also brings challenges to the waterproof test; the Xi Li waterproof tester replaces the water test by gas. By gas attenuation method, pressure drop method to detect whether water will leak.

The electric tooth waterproof detection steps are as follows (whether IP66 waterproof test, IP67 waterproof test, or higher level waterproof test, the steps are similar, but the parameters are not only)

1. Make a sealed tooling according to the shape of the electric toothbrush

2. Connect the test interface of the waterproof test equipment to the tool.

3. Set the corresponding parameters, such as inflation pressure, inflation time, test pressure, voltage regulation time, test time, exhaust time and other necessary parameters.

4. Put the electric toothbrush in the closed tool, start the waterproof tester for testing, and record the leak value. Need to test multiple phone cases.

5. Determine the waterproof level of the electric toothbrush (such as IP66 waterproof test level), put the tested electric toothbrush into the IP66 waterproof level waterproof test environment and test to find the maximum allowable leakage value of the electric toothbrush, which is the critical point.

6. Enter the leak value into the position of the maximum allowable leakage value of the Hitachi Waterproof Tester.

7. Then you can carry out batch waterproof test of electric toothbrush. If you need to test multiple electric toothbrushes at the same time, you can use multi-channel waterproof test equipment.