Connector waterproof detection, wire connector waterproof detector - air tightness tester field case


The picture above shows a company using Xili waterproof testing equipment to apply the waterproof test site for automotive connectors.

First of all, in order to waterproof the connector, it is necessary to understand the waterproof processing of the connector. Need to know which places are not waterproof, and those places are waterproof. And what way to waterproof each place, will have a certain impact on the connector waterproof detection. Most of the waterproofing process of the connector uses a sealing ring, or a glue, or an integral glue as a sealing process. These several sealing and waterproofing processes can be detected using airtightness testing equipment.

The connector waterproofing process is generally sealed by a sealing ring or an integral potting, when the sealing ring of the connector is not installed during installation. Or there is a bubble in the glue. Then the waterproof performance of the connector will be affected. Since the sealing ring is not installed properly, the water leakage will be very strong. At this time, we use the traditional method ------ soaking water. It can also detect if the connector is waterproof. But if the glue has bubbles. Or if there is a small leak when the glue is not enough, there is no way to carry out the water-proof method for water-proof detection. Now we mainly talk about the air tightness test of the tiny leakage of the connector.

At present, the mainstream connector waterproof test in the market adopts the industrial grade waterproof testing equipment produced by Tisley Instruments. This airtightness tester which uses compressed air as the detection medium, alias waterproof detector. A single connector waterproof test can be implemented (single channel waterproof detector), and multiple connectors can be tested for waterproof at the same time. (Multi-channel waterproof test equipment).

For example, the IP67 waterproof test level method of the Hitachi instrument's waterproof tester is as follows:

1. The shape of the root connector is shaped to make a sealed tool.

2. Connect the test port of the waterproof tester.

3. Set the parameters of the waterproof detection equipment (such as the pressure required for IP67 waterproof test 15KPA, inflation time 3 seconds, voltage stabilization time 2 seconds, test time 3 seconds, exhaust time 2 seconds, allowable leakage limit).

4. Finally, the waterproof test device can be started to perform the waterproof test. The instrument will judge the quality of the product according to the leak value, and have corresponding prompts (sound prompt, light prompt, screen display).