PACK battery pack waterproof detection example program revealed - industrial grade air tightness testing equipment

Battery water test is detected by air tightness detection technology, which is fast and efficient.

Wide range of applications, such as power batteries, electric car batteries, sailing batteries and other waterproof testing, air tightness testing.

The waterproof test of the power battery pack is as follows. The method of using the waterproof tester is as follows (a waterproof tester has been provided for many battery manufacturers so far, the following scheme is the waterproof test site of a company)

The waterproof detector is docked with the battery pack inflation port. After a brief inflation process, the instrument automatically closes the pressure regulator to isolate the air supply and battery pack. During this brief inflation process, the pressure sensor pressure change inside the waterproof detector will show a decrease in the gas pressure in the chamber, which means that the battery has a leak, and the instrument can determine the tightness of the battery pack based on the leak value, and IP waterproof test level. Through the detection of the airtightness of the battery pack by the Xili;Waterproof Tester, accurate measurement can be realized, and the rules can be checked, and the functions such as saving history, detecting data traceability, uploading to a computer, and the like can be viewed. Due to the large size of the battery pack, the general instrument detection is relatively slow, and the Xili;waterproof detector has a pre-exhaustion function, which greatly reduces the waterproof detection of the battery pack, the airtightness detection time, and reduces the test cost.