Flow type air tightness detector

SLF flow tightness tester, airflow tester with flow sensor as the core, mainly used in air permeability testing, waterproof and breathable testing, etc.


SLF flow air tightness tester is a gas tightness tester with flow detection method. The air tightness tester with flow sensor as the core is mainly used in the fields of air permeability detection, air flow detection, waterproof and ventilation test.

The SLF flow tightness tester uses air as the detection medium. Leak detection with gas is based on the fact that all media (gas) have small and low molecular weight and good permeability. Under certain pressure (positive or negative pressure), the leakage performance of the product is checked. Air tightness."

The principle of the flow tightness tester is: use the sum of the "leakage" of the product to be tested as the participation value to "leakage rate", or the "pressure drop" under the specified conditions, or the "flow rate of the gas within a certain period of time" "To determine the sealing of the product. The core component is a secondary sensor developed by a flow sensor and calculated by an algorithm to obtain a leak rate.

SLF air tightness detector, the test pressure can be automatically determined, the upper and lower limits of the flow rate are automatically determined, the air tightness detection speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the power self-test is performed.

Hailim SLF flow air tightness detector comes with air filter adjustment and stability system, unique internal stability loop, enough to ensure the stability of air tightness detection and waterproof detection.

Multi-channel data storage function (convenient to record multiple product detection data separately), the core components are all imported, guarantee quality, and airtight leak detection accuracy, flow leak detector stability, multi-functional input and output interface.

Flow tightness testermodelSLF

PrecisionLess than 士0.1%FS


Less than 士0.02%FS

Display accuracy


Humidity error

Test range (optional)







Number of programs

32 sets of test programs, each set of programs is set independently

data storage

Can store the latest 100,000 sets of test data, plug in the U disk to export test data






 I/O interface

8 output/8 input

power supply

External 240V power supply

data analysis

Statistical Analysis

The  instrument performs the following statistics on the test product data:  the total number of air tightness tests, the number of passes, and the  number of unqualified

Test process control

Stage time display

Real-time display of status and time for each test phase

Instrument settings

parameter settingsTest  pressure upper and lower limit setting; test each stage time setting;  flow upper and lower limit setting; flow compensation setting

Equipment material


About 9.5 kg

Shell material

Aluminum alloy



The host computer software can perform test data transmission, data analysis and other functions with the instrument.


Barcode scanning

Bar code, QR code (optional)


Unit: mm