IP waterproof level detector

IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 and other waterproof products can be tested with Xili Waterproof Tester. Only with simple parameter settings, different products can be tested for different waterproof levels.


Waterproof testing equipment is a kind of sealing instrument with compressed air as test medium, excellent airtightness judgment instrument and IP waterproof level detection equipment. IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 and other waterproof products can be used. Waterproof tester for testing, only need to carry out simple parameter setting to achieve different waterproof level detection of different products

1. In terms of hardware, the core components such as sensors have undergone secondary development, which greatly guarantees accuracy and stability.

2, the fuselage shell, using aluminum alloy material, after 9 ways to deal with oxidation process.

3, the waterproof detector has a very small internal space, which greatly guarantees the stability and accuracy of the test. It has the necessary conditions for the waterproof test of tiny products, only 5S.

4, with barcode scanning function (barcode, two-dimensional code), host computer function, printing function, automatic calibration function.

5, USB data export function: the stored test information can be stored on the USB disk, built-in storage device, history can reach 50,000.

7, with input / output interface, easy to achieve automatic waterproof test.

8, SI2.0 algorithm, coupled with hardware support, kick off the impact of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, gas density, and other uncertain factors on the accuracy of waterproof detection.

9, pressure mode, single positive pressure, single negative pressure, integrated positive and negative pressure.

Working principle: The whole test process only needs to complete the waterproof detection after 4 stages (inflation stage -> voltage regulation stage -> test stage -> judgment stage). Generally, the test time for one product is between 6 and 15 seconds.

Main application areas:

Automotive industry: car lamp waterproof test, engine parts air tightness test, car camera air tightness test, charging pile waterproof detection, charging gun waterproof detection.

Battery industry: Lithium battery case welding line gas tightness test, sealing test of terminal and outer casing, battery pack sealing test, etc.

Household appliances industry: coffee machines, juicers, blenders, kettles and other products with air tightness requirements.

Smart wear: smart bracelet waterproof detection, watch waterproof detection, underwater alarm seal detection.

Electronic consumption: sports audio, Bluetooth speakers, hair remover, electric brush, electric bath head, mobile phone waterproof detection, etc.

Military products: waterproof testing of walkie-talkies, hand-held walkie-talkies, car-mounted walkie-talkies, three-proof mobile phones, etc.

Valve pipe: valve air tightness, pipe permeability, joint sealing test, etc.

Multi-channel airtightness detectormodelSLA

levelIndustrial level

Test portTwo, four, custom type

test methodDirect pressure air tightness detector
SensorSelection range-80~800kpa

Pressure modeIntegrated positive and negative pressure

Pressure regulationAutomatic adjustment / manual adjustment

Pressure adjustment range-50kpa~1Mpa

Pressure regulation accuracy士 0.05%FS

Pressure repeatability accuracy士 0.1%FS


Test unitpa,kpa
TimeTime range


Time resolution0.1S

Number of programs32 sets of test programs, each set of programs is set independently

data storageCan store the latest 100,000 sets of test data, plug in the U disk to export test data
I/O interface8 output/8 input

power supplyExternal 240V power supply
data analysisStatistical AnalysisThe instrument performs the following statistics on the test product data: the total number of airtightness tests, the number of passes, and the number of unqualified
Test process controlStage time displayReal-time display of status and time for each test phase
Instrument settingsparameter settingsTest pressure upper and lower limit setting; test each stage time setting; leakage value upper and lower limit setting; leakage compensation setting
Equipment materialWeightAbout 9.5Kg
Shell materialAluminum alloy
SoftwareOptionalThe host computer software can perform test data transmission, data analysis and other functions with the instrument.
AccessoriesBarcode scanningBar code, QR code (optional)
SizeUnit: mm335*305*265