Differential pressure type air tightness tester

SLD differential pressure type airtightness tester, which uses the differential pressure sensor as the core to determine the airtightness, sealing performance and waterproof performance of the product by detecting the pressure difference between the teste


SLD differential pressure air tightness tester, using the differential pressure sensor as the pressure sensitive original to detect the pressure difference between the product and the standard part to determine whether the product is in the presence of leakage and leakage rate, from detecting the waterproof performance of the product, airtight Performance, and achieve sealing detection, airtight testing, waterproof testing and other purposes.

The core component is a differential pressure sensor and has been developed twice. The principle is to use the gas flow law to calculate the leakage amount by measuring the change in pressure inside the container. The sealed container will inevitably cause the loss of gas quality in the container due to the leakage, and the original pressure in the container is reduced. Therefore, the amount of gas leaked from the actual container can be calculated by measuring the value of the gas pressure drop in the container, and the standard part is used. Comparison, greater than the measurement as a defective product, less than a good product, thus achieving a gas tightness test. The principle is as follows

The detection process of the SLD differential pressure air tightness tester is divided into four parts: the inflation process, the balance process (pressure holding process), the detection process, and the exhaust process. The test can be completed in as little as 3 seconds.

The differential pressure air tightness tester has remarkable characteristics such as sensitive detection, high precision and small influence by humidity. Hailim brand differential pressure air tightness tester realizes automatic leak detection of the whole process, IPX waterproof detection and identification, greatly shortening airtightness inspection Leakage cycles have been widely used in industrial production.

The main application areas of the differential pressure air tightness tester are as follows:

Automotive industry: car lamp waterproof test, engine parts air tightness test, car camera air tightness tester, charging pile waterproof detection, charging gun waterproof detection.

Battery industry: Lithium battery case welding line gas tightness test, sealing test of terminal and outer casing, battery pack sealing test, etc.

Household appliances industry: coffee machines, juicers, blenders, kettles and other products with air tightness requirements.

Smart wear: smart bracelet waterproof detection, watch waterproof detection, underwater alarm seal detection.

Electronic consumption: sports audio, Bluetooth speakers, hair remover, electric brush, electric bath head, mobile phone waterproof detection, etc.

Military products: waterproof testing of walkie-talkies, hand-held walkie-talkies, car-mounted walkie-talkies, three-proof mobile phones, etc.

Valve pipe: the air tightness of the valve, the permeability of the pipe, the sealing test of the joint, etc.

Air tightness test


Differential pressure leak detectormodelSLD (Differential Pressure Airtightness Tester)

Sensor accuracyLess than 士0.1%FS

RepeatabilityMore than 士0.02%FS


Temperature error士0.05%FS

power supply-AC220V(士15%)、50 HZ

Gas source0.5~0.8M pa

Test mediumCompressed air or customer agreed media

Detecting pressure-80Kpa~800kpa
Test pressure difference rangeP (positive pressure)pa~1Kpa

N (negative pressure)0 pa~6Kpa

M (positive and negative pressure)0 pa~40Kpa
I/O interface8 output/8 input

As many as 100,000
data analysisStatistical AnalysisThe instrument performs the following statistics on the test product data: the total number of air tightness tests, the number of passes, and the number of unqualified
Test process controlStage time displayReal-time display of status and time for each test phase
Instrument settingsparameter settingsTest pressure upper and lower limit setting; test each stage time setting; leakage value upper and lower limit setting; leakage compensation setting
Equipment materialWeightAbout 9.5 kg
Shell materialAluminum alloy
SoftwareOptionalThe host computer software can perform test data transmission, data analysis and other functions with the instrument.
AccessoriesBarcode scanningBar code, QR code (optional)
SizeUnit: mm